February 22, 2024

Take Charge of Educational opportunity says, VP Taylor.

The Jewel Starfish foundation in partnership with African Children’s Talent Development foundation has ended a three day informational conference at the University of Liberia with participants drawn from across Africa. The program which aim was to aid students in choosing their career path saw over thousands of Liberian students participating in the conference.

In a special remark at the end of the program on Friday, October 29, 2021, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor challenged Liberian students to make used of the foundation for better and improvement of their educational sojourn.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor noted that the Jewel Starfish foundation is in consultations with authorities of the UL for the construction of a modern office for the African Children’s Talent Development foundation.

 She at the same time encouraged young people of Africa to take charged of the educational opportunity for the betterment of the continent.  

Jewel Howard Taylor JSF is focused on the empowerment & holistic development of Liberian girls and women.

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