March 29, 2023

Disable Community in Grand Gedeh County called for equal participation

Persons Living with Disability in Grand Gedeh County have expressed dismay over their living conditions in the county. Persons living with disabilities in Grand Gedeh County have expressed dismay over their living conditions. According to the group, they have been denied basic rights and opportunities in Grand Gedeh reference to the November 16th by- election.

Speaking to reports 231 Tuesday, the head of the group’s, Mr. Victor Cooper said they are not aware of the electoral activities in the county. Victor said since the campaign processes for the by- election, no politician or candidate has visited them concerning the up-coming election. The group said they only received hand- out from people seeking their votes during elections, which they said is making no change on their lives.

 They called on the government and politicians to provide them with training centers, business opportunities and education facilities. According the disable community, they have a school for the blind which needs support from central and local government. They want politicians to provide them with motorbikes as means of transportation to attend meetings and other functions they may be invited to. The Grand Gedeh disable community is also calling on humanitarian groups to aid them with sectional materials for livelihood.

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