April 2, 2023

Rabbi Buju Warriors crowns champions of Kingbuju Charity Whee Chair Basketball Tournament

Rabbi Buju Warriors on Sunday, October 31, 2021, defeated Sasstown Warriors 14_9 points to win the Maiden edition of a three day Charity wheel chair basketball tournament.The tournament which took placed at Rehab Court in Paynesville, was organized under the auspices of  Abraham Shaifa  Kromah, alias “Kingbuju.

For their part, Female Gladiator whipped Kingstone Sharks 6-0 to win the women’s component of the tournament. The tournament featured six clubs including four male teams and two female teams. The theme of the tournament: “Inclusion and Integration of persons living with disabilities into National Development through Wheel Chair Basketball”.

Rabbi Buju Warriors defeated  Monrovia Crusher 12_10 points in the semifinals to qualify to the grand final while  Sasstown Warriors hammered Paynesville Shooters 24-6 points in the other semifinal to also booked her place in the grand finale. The tournament started with a grand parade in the Rehab Community on the Roberts International Airport high way led by the organizer, Kingbuju, the President and Founder of the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation, Ambassador S. Lionel Johnson and the players.

According to the organizers, the tournament is part of preparation for Liberia under 23 male participation in the upcoming South Africa 2021 International Wheel Chair Basketball Championship. The championship will begin on  December 6 to 12, 2021.

The Organizing Chairperson of the tournament Abraham Shaifa Kromah “alias” Kingbuju remarking at the climax of the tournament said disables are also part of the society, and as such, he will continue to provide his needed support to keep them happy.

“I pity the condition of these people; they are human like us and why not give them helping hands.  With the help of President George Weah, these people will feel part of a society. I am told their under 23 team is to participate in the upcoming International Wheel Chair Basketball Championship in South Africa, and they need help to ensure their participation which I will lobby with my friends for them to have a successful trip, he noted.  I am calling on every one of you to contribute your one dollar, your two dollars to help support these people, they are our friends and the task is upon us to turn them into professional people, he concludes”.

Also remarking at the climax of the tournament, the President and Founder of the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation, Ambassador S. Lionel Johnson praised Kingbuju for the tournament. According to him, since the establishment of the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation under the leadership of President George Weah, Kingbuju Charity Tournament is the first; something he said is very much necessary for people living with disabilities to fee part of a society.

” Kingbuju, I don’t just know how to thank you at this movement but God will pay you for everything you are doing for us. if it was not because of you, we couldn’t have being here demonstrating our talents for the world to know our important”.

” We have a huge task ahead of us which is for us to participate in the upcoming South Africa 2021 International Wheel Chair Basketball Championship for male under 23 category. We are in need of a budget of one hundred thousand plus registration to fully qualify us to participate in the tournament”.

” We are making this passionate call to all well meaning Liberian, Philanthropist organizations, the President of the Republic of Liberia, H. E. Dr. Dr. George Manneh Weah to come to our aid. Mr. President, we know that you are people center, and as such, we believed that you will listen to our cry because you have been doing lot of greater things in the past for people”, he said.

” This Championship is our first international competition we are to participate since the wheel chair basketball was established 74years ago in America. We are in need of the first class Chairs for this sport. These chairs you seeing us using are not the real chairs we supposed to use but because of our current condition”, he added.

Two players of the federation, Tarpla Chea and Venesa Dennis in separate remarks appreciate Kingbuju for the charity tournament and his support towards them. ” Kingbuju, is very good for disables to bless you,  because when disables bless you their blessing can be very important to God. Kingbuju, anywhere you go God will bless, God will continue to increase your blessings on a daily basis. Kingbuju, if it was not because of your live for us, nobody could have known our important. Not much to say but to appreciate you and the President Kingbuju,” they said.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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