December 6, 2023

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr. full respond to two Liberian senators


During one of their usual Safari in Bomi County on yesterday, November 6, 2021, Senators Abe Darius Dillon and Nyonblee K. Lawrence, in Married Camp, District #1, Bomi County tried hard to redirect the citizens’ attention from their actual purpose of the visit and pretended as if they were campaigning. In his remarks, Dillon stated the following against my person:

a. That voting for my Candidate in the Bomi County District#1, By-election would mean putting money in my pocket;

b. That voting my Candidate would mean that she and I will lobby for the President of the Republic of Liberia against the Citizens;

c. That he was uncomfortable meeting with citizens in Married Camp because he was out of Internet connectivity in a concession area; stating that he’s not use to it; d. That if the citizens of the Plantation vote for my candidate, she will listen to me and will always join me to sit with the President at Jamaica Resort.

The truth is, I will not be moved and I urge you not to misdirect your safari to questioning my relationship with President Weah or the Government of Liberia. I was not elected to be an enemy to the President or the Government that I am part of to the disadvantage of my people, or stand in the way of the progress of the State. The success of our Country depends on everyone of us working collectively, especially when a democratic process has elected the country’s leadership.

Let me respond to your assertions in three categories:

I) Putting money in my pocket and my candidate and I lobbying for the President against my people.

I have always advocated for my citizens in the Plantation and the entire Bomi County. You may need but a few facts to help you in your fake “advocacy” against me. In 2017 as Representative and Resource Person of the Special Investigative Committee on Concessions, I led a team to the then Sime Darby Plantation and provided evidence based pieces of information that led to the following:

i. The employment of 70 persons who served as contractors for more than 3yrs; ii. A Liberian being employed as head of human resource and many other Liberians in managerial positions;

iii. Construction of latrine facilities across the plantation;

iv. Construction of a cafeteria on the company’s central school campus, etc.

How does any of the above constitute pocketing money or advocating against my people?

Also as Senator, I advocated and stopped the Management of the Company’s decision to prevent children from surrounding communities from enrolling in their School System.

I advocated recently that the Mano Concession should be brought to the Liberian Senate for scrutiny and approval, and in addition, complained about an illegal mining operation in Mambo Camp#2 that is undermining our citizens’ livelihood, among others.

In Bomi County, I am on record for advocating and lobbying for the extension of GSM connectivity and internet facilities in rural communities.

Mr. and Mrs. Senators, how can all of this amount to pocketing money and lobbying against my people?

Oh! My Brother Dillon, when I put money in your pocket to run your campaign and pay your poll watchers, in no uncertain term meant that said money was put in my pocket to give out to you.

II) Fake advocacy

I will also urge you not to assume the position of an occasion advocate as you have always presented yourself. How can you pretend to advocate for my citizens to get internet facilities in Bomi when our people in Rural Montserrado County, such as Todee and the different settlements are without internet and other basic social services? You exposed your fakery by this singular act of pretending to advocate for another man’s family when your own family is in serious need. This is no surprise though, because this has always been your true nature; telling lies about everything, living in falsehood, operating in treachery, etc.

III) Sitting with the Country’s President

Did I heard you (Senator Dillon and Lawrence) said that when my candidate wins she will join me to sit with the President at Jamaica Resort, but failed to admit that in the President’s good health, he will patiently listen to us as we discuss the development of Bomi or our country and will not be sleeping and “Squandering Opportunities” at the same time?

You both should be ashamed of yourselves that the people of Montserrado and Grand Bassa counties will elect you and you both will rather put your personal self and hate for a person over the development of your people who elected you. I advise no matter how small or big a project that benefit your people seen to be, you both should always access the executive branch of government in the developmental interest of your people. Are you saying that you (Sen. Dillon and Sen. Lawrence) have purpose as senators for your counties during the remaining three years of President Weah government, you do not care about the developmental agenda of your people and will therefore not sit with the President?

What if he wins another term, will you both waste the nine years given you by the respective counties? Especially for you Sen. Dillon who got elected on the popular mandate of the people of Montserrado, it is sad how you have transformed into your real self so quickly and is exposing your true nature by the day.

Additionally, thanks for visiting Gbah Jarkeh, specifically to continue your Safari. This is the town that I just introduced a Bill to have it transformed into Township. Kindly join me to approve this Bill since you both enjoyed your day there.

Finally, your attributes about me and the President have led the citizens of Gbah and the Plantation to embark on more endorsements for my Candidate. That will be on separate dates and locations beginning tomorrow. They are aware that His Excellency and Madam First Lady just made a huge donation to Bomi’s health sector.

They’re aware of the container of books and Secretariat equipment that I brought in from the US for distribution. All 10 high schools in Bomi recently received from me as Senator 10 computers, 10 printers, 10 generators and assorted school supplies. They see the newly constructed multipurpose building that I constructed from my pocket, maybe your candidate should have taken you and yours truly for a tour. It’s sad that your candidate didn’t tell you that they know me as “Talk and Do” and not an empty, fake talker.

Next time you’re in Bomi, please visit Tubmanburg like you briefly did yesterday and see the massive clean-up campaign we’ve joined the acting City leadership to embark on, or please stop by the Liberian Government Hospital and talk to the wonderful staff there about our work.

Before I forget, I am aware that after expressing what you said in pretense and lies to a gathering of citizens and residents, you took your Safari mate as is always the case, moved to a local entertainment center called “MEET ME THERE”, in Gbah Jarkeh Town, to continue the actual intent of their visit (Safari).

Have a good day and you are always welcome to continue your usual Safari in Bomi.

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