March 24, 2023

Press Release : MoE cautioned Public Schools Administrators over increase Registration fees

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has inform the general public that it has notice that some Public School Administrators are deliberately and intentionally undermining the good intention of the ministry’s by increasing the annual registration fees for public schools without regret.

MoE on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, noted that any public school operating in Liberia that will add additional amount to the approve registration fees will do so at their own disadvantage, and will be harshly punished. The press release stated that all District Education Officers (DEOS) and County Education Officers (CEOs) are mandated to upgrade their monitoring and supervision of all public schools in order to put a stop to the increasing of registration fees.

According to the ministry, any District Education Officers and County Education Officers fail monitor and supervise the schools will be dealt with administratively. The Ministry has also instructed all Public School administrators to be in full submission with the below registration fees for peaceful coexistence:

1. Elementary Division (grades 1-6) – $1,000.00LD;

2. Junior High Division (grades 7-9) -$2,000.00LD;

3. Senior High Division (grades 10-12) -$3,000.00LD.

 Acting Minister,  Latim Da-Thong, said any Public School administrator violating the specified fees will be sanctioned by the Ministry and  risks immediate dismissal.

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