December 8, 2023

Gov’t of Liberia praise Dr. Jeety for tremendous contributing to Liberia

The government of Liberia has hailed Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jeety Trading Corporation) for their humanitarian guesture and continuous support toward the Monrovia Central Prison (Salt Beach), the national prison facilitate in Monrovia. The government statement comes in response to the distribution of cooked food, electricity, water and other finished goods to the inmates at the Prison center recently.

Speaking on behalf of the government of Liberia at the Ministry of Information Press BriefingThursday, November 11, 2021, Deputy Information Minister for public affairs Jarlawah Tonpo said, the good work of Dr. Jeety to identify with the imates is a milestone and mean a lot to the well been of the government and inmates and people of Liberia at large.

According to Minister Tonpo, Dr. Jetty humanitarian continuous support toward the national prison facilitate in Monrovia is welcoming and must be appreciated by the government. The Jeety Trading Corporation and Jeety Family have been making tremendous contributions toward the Liberian society, particularly to people living with disability and less fortunate Youths (Zogos).

It can be recalled during the Corona Virus Pandemic, Jeety Trading Corporation and family were committed to food distribution, and distributed food items to thousands of less fortunate people both including people living with disabilities and people in need.

The former India Honorary Council General has always been instrumental in  organizing and promoting the COVID-19 vaccine in Liberia.

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