March 23, 2023

Maryland Port receive it first international vessel after 3 decades

A Giant size Vessel, Varkan Ege- nearing 100 meters long with 35488 SDW and Gross tonnage of 2222 has berthed at the Port of Harper, Mary County in wake of massive infrastructure development in that Southern port. This is the first of its kind in more than three decades Since the end of Liberia’s civil war (1990-2003). The berthing of Varkan Ege signals a leap steep to brand new developments of the port operation and the purpose for which it was originally built.

The Port of Harper is about 762 kilometers away from Monrovia within the Southeastern region of Liberia near the border with Ivory Cost. It was established 1959 on the Rocky Russian Island and has a breakwater of 150 kilometers with reinforced Pier and depth of 5.5 for  the exportation of Palm oil, timber while at the same time importing machinery, building materials and other consumable goods.

However, as a result of the civil war, these activities were no longer effective- thus leaving the Port partially dormant with dilapidated buildings and old containers placed in the open field. But as part of President George Weah’s vision to modernize the Country’s Port Industry, the construction of a brand new multipurpose office complex and Petroleum storage facility is fast nearing completion at the Port of Harper.

The project when completed will help address the age-old constraints associated with the supply of petrol products to major southeastern counties: Maryland, River Gee, Grand Kru, Grand and others. This is in line with the government’s vision to refurbish and operationalize the Ports to ensure super economic activities throughout the country.

It will create jobs, reduce commodity prices and ease unwanted hardship for commuters especially during the raining season.

Reported by: Anthony Philips

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