February 28, 2024

Margibi County Representative Asperent light up Jimmy Town

An eminent son of Margibi County particularly District #4 Mr. Jonah Binda has put smiles on the faces of residents in that district. Mr. Binda’s gesture is to encourage the people of the district that they too deserve a good life.

The Jonah Binda care foundation has for the first time light the Jimmy Town in district #4 in Margibi County. Chief executive officer of the Binda’s care foundation Mr. Johan Binda on Friday, November 19, 2021, said, he was disappointed when he visited the town with over 100 citizens including school-going children to lack electricity, safe drinking water, good health care among others.

 According to him, such deprive act of the leadership of the district pushed him to provide electricity for the town as part of his foundation’s own way of giving back to the community. Hon. Binda added that he will continue to do more to improve the living condition of citizens and uplift Margibi county district #4.

Meanwhile, the town chief of the Jimmy town in district #4 Margibi county Mr. Sackie Youwateah thanked the foundation for their gift towards the town. He disclosed that since the establishment of the town with over 100 residents, they have never seen any forms of electricity, safe drinking water, and good health care.

Chief Youwateah explained that they have elected several representatives and senators for which they promise to help them, but failed to live up to. Chief Youwateh thanked the Binda’s care foundation through its executive director Amb. Johan Binda for coming to their aid in providing solar electricity. The Chief informed Press Men that it is about time they elect someone of their kind because strangers have failed them over the years.

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