April 2, 2023

Liberia Dubai EXPO 2020 delegation depart the country

A 50 members Liberia delegation has departed the country over the weekend to participate in this year’s Dubai EXPO 2020 under the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Dubai EXPO 2020 provides an opportunity for countries around the world to showcase their potential through displays of their cultural heritage, innovation, business opportunities, and general way of life.

Speaking at the program making the departure ceremony Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Julie Endee said, Liberia is set to rise and shine at the Dubai EXPO 2020 with the display of Liberia culture through dancing and singing.

According to Ambassador Endee, the delegation is expected to explore opportunities in Agriculture, Tourism, commerce, and industries adding Liberia participation is “not about dancing and music” alone. Instead, the delegates will be making statements about what the county is and what they will present at the occasion.

The Culture Ambassador expressed optimism that the Liberia delegation will make a significant impact at the Dubai EXPO despite criticism from opposition politicians while commending President George Weah for his enormous support to ensure Liberia’s participation in the program is a resounding success.

Meanwhile, the assistant minister for information services at the ministry of information Daniel Nuxe Thomas called on the Liberia delegation to take up their responsibility by representing Liberia and used the event as an opportunity.

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