February 28, 2024

President Weah caution PPCC’s to put country first and not personal interest.

President George Manneh Weah, has warned against acts that could undermine Public Procurement Concessions Commission (PPCC) despite its significant efforts in the Liberian economic and political governance process.

Speaking on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at the Official Opening of the Third Annual PPCC Forum held at the Ministerial Complex, President Weah emphasized the importance of the Commission in reviewing and making assessments of what needs to be done to improve effectiveness, as the institution is central to his administration’s drive to bring integrity to the overall governance process.

According to President Weah, the PPCC has managed to ensure that the already scarce resources of Liberia are effectively and judiciously managed and that contracts and concessions meet all requirements in accordance with the law.

“This became necessary in the aftermath of the civil war when systems broke down, along with the country’s infrastructure,” he said, extolling the Commission for working with partners to restore some confidence in the system, while at the same time combating impropriety.”

The Liberian Leader Weah however used the occasion to order the PPCC to put integrity, fairness as well as legally-applied procedures at the front-burner in the discharge of its duties, when reviewing procurement issues.

“As it is often said, He who seeks equity must come with clean hands,’” the Chief Executive noted, adding: “I, therefore, want to caution all the Commissioners and Executives of the PPCC not to stall national development efforts because of personal interest. All reviews of procurement issues must be free, fair, and according to the laws of Liberia, not using your positions to favor one group over the other.”

President Weah urged officials of the Commission to put the country first and not personal interest, first in order to achieve overall national development goals.

He noted that, over the years, the PPCC has established itself as one of the most vital institutions of Liberia’s governing processes.

According to Mr. Weah, holding an Annual Review Meeting at this time to make an assessment of what the Commission needs to do to improve its effectiveness was highly important because the PPCC is central to his Administration’s drive to bring integrity to the overall governance process.

President Weah at the same time stated that the public procurement and concession commission has ensured that the country’s already scarce resources are effectively and cautiously managed and that contracts and concessions meet all requirements in accordance with the law.

He recalled that the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and the PPCC, along with other anti-graft entities, are being given renewed focus by his administration, in an effort to improve their capacity and facilitate their work. Which involves budgetary support and reforms to the way their work is done.

The Third Annual PPCC Forum is being held under the theme: “Innovations and Reforms: Strengthening Liberia’s Public Procurement System.”

The Forum is aimed at creating avenues to identify implementation challenges and shortcomings of the PPCC Act of 2010 as Amended.

It is to inform future amendments to the existing law as may be necessary to contribute to the overall development and improvement of the public procurement system.

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