March 24, 2023

Lofa County Senator-elect Brownie Samukai call for proper legal proceedings

The Supreme Court bench, excluding Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie, has reserved rulings into the separate Bill of information filed by Lofa County Senator-elect Brownie Samukai and the Ministry of Justice.

 On August 25, this year, the state Prosecutor filed a Bill of information informing the Court that Judge Blamo Dixon has changed the Supreme Court Mandate on the payment of the fifty percent Armed Forces of Liberia personnel’s Money, in an amount equivalent to more than One Million United State Dollars.

According to the Prosecution, Judge Dixon was selective in rendering Justice, when he specified that Former Defense Minister Samukai will not pay the Money alone. The Petition noted that Judge Dixon had no authority to have modified the Ruling by dividing the total 50% payment among the three defendants. Speaking briefly minutes after the ruling, Cllr. Wilfred Sayeh, the lawyer representing Samukai said the decision by Judge Blamo Dixon to have the defendants pay the money separately was triggered by the ruling delivered by Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay which indicated share payment.

 He maintains that Judge Gbeisay’s decision was never overruled by the high court, adding that Judge Dixon was in no error.

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