December 8, 2023

Paye Lay Leh term Journalism in Liberia as Sacrificial Job

BBC Liberia journalist Jonathan Paye-Lay-Leh has termed the journalism profession in Liberia as a sacrificial job despite its advocacy for the public. Speaking as a lecturer at the opening of the Passion Developer Media Training center in Paynesville over the weekend, Paye-Lay-Leh noted that journalists are not wealthy people because of their quest to expose ills in society.

Also speaking, the Director of News at Truth FM, Oscar Mulbah admonished aspiring journalists to add value to their news reporting in an effort to become professional media practitioners. According to Mr.

Mulbah, journalists must be objective in their reportage. He stated that the importance of journalists doing their work void of personal feelings as a way of building public trust and confidence.

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