February 28, 2024

UL Students protest in demand of lecturers’ salary

The University of Liberia students on Wednesday went on the rampage in Monrovia as a result of lecturers abandoning classes. It can be recalled that President Weah declared free tuition at the premium university after taking seat at the highest office of the land, promising to uplift the standard of the institution including its workers.

But it seems the president’s promise has resulted in nothing, causing lecturers to have abundant classes, creating no avenue for learning at the State-run university. Wednesday’s protest is one of many since the Liberian Government’s delay in solving the problem at the university. 

Meanwhile, officers of the Liberia National Police on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, fired tear gas to disperse students of the University of Liberia.

The students said the protest was aimed at demanding the national government to settle the salaries and benefits of their teachers and ensure the faculties return to the classrooms. The police resulted in the use of tear gas after the students set up roadblocks and prevented the free flow of traffic both on Capitol Hill and Fendall campuses.

Some of the students who spoke in an interview withReports231, expressed disappointment about the action of the police; terming it as frustrating.

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