September 21, 2023

Fata Donzo Sirleaf attack Liberia Journalist

Liberian journalists have once again come under serious attack, this time from the wife of ex-Central Bank Governor Charles Sirleaf. Mrs. Fata Donzo Sirleaf in a live Facebook podcast on Thursday, December 2, 2021, accused journalists of reporting unverified information and branding the media as the number one problem for the country. In her fire-up Facebook pop cast, Mrs. Sirleaf stated that it was a report done by a journalist about the alleged mission billion Liberian banknotes that made her husband Charles Sirleaf’s name spread.

 Accusing the Information Body in a live Facebook video, Mrs. Sirleaf said the journalists of Liberia are the “number one” problem for the country.

Madame Fata Sirleaf said Liberian journalists do not fact-check on the information before providing it to the general public. Responding to the story of the sixteen billion saga in which her husband was implicated; Mrs. Sirleaf asserted that it was a report of a journalist that made the news spread without any further research on the information.

Though she did not name any particular journalist, Madam Fata maintained that it was because of unverified information reported by some journalists about the billions of Liberian banknotes that landed her husband Charles Sirleaf into the problem and damaged his character.

It can be verified that Mr. Charles Sirleaf was not accused by the media of being responsible for the missing billion of Liberian banknotes until he was hooked by the Croll and PIT reports at which time the government asserted and indicted him.

 Mrs. Sirleaf at the same time warned those who always rain insults at her husband to desist on grounds that her husband did not commit the crime for which he was arrested and jailed.

She advised those in the habit to respect themselves and desist from spreading misleading information that will lead to damaging the character of others.

Reported by: Morris Wle Tee

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