March 23, 2023

Liberia Land Rights Act is good for democracy, says Romare.

Sweden Deputy Head of Mission to Liberia Johan Romare has described the land rights act of Liberia as a key to maintaining democracy, human rights, and gender equality.

Speaking over the weekend, Johan Romare said Land dispute in any growing society is a challenge to the growth and social-economic empowerment and development of that society as such the government of Liberia, CSOs and Citizens must take the lead in handling it.

According to Romare, Land disputes have over the years disintegrated great families and broken the fabric of great customary communities as such women, men, youth and persons with disabilities must have equal rights and protection to land.

He added that land dispute can also destroy the peace of a country while encouraging communities to formalize their customary land, and also encouraged buyers of land to also seek advice from the LLA office before and during land transactions.

At the same time, the Sweden Deputy Head of Mission called on donors and partners who are interested in the development of Liberia to help the LLA technically and financially.

The diplomatic spoke in connection to the current land situation ongoing in the country.

Reported by: Morris Wle Tee

Phone number:+231770995818


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