February 25, 2024

Liberia Foreign Minister and MRU Diplomatic Mission meet Guinea transitional President


Liberia’s Foreign Minister Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., headed a high level diplomatic and mediation delegation from the Mano River Union (MRU) along with the Secretary-General of the Mano River Union Medina Wesseh and Sierra Leonean delegate, on Sunday, December 5, 2021, officially met with the Guinean Transitional President Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya.

Speaking to newsmen minutes after the closed-door meeting with Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, Minister Kemayah said, the MRU mission to Guinea was fruitful, resounding, and rewarding and was also aimed at addressing the political crisis in neighboring Guinea.

Minister Kemayah informed newsmen that,  Col. Doumbouya welcomed their intervention to address the situation but however calls for more time from the International bodies among others to ensure that they can ably complete the road map which is ongoing and is nearing completion.

According to him, the Guinean current leader is willing and prepared to turn over power but said it should be done properly and through a democratic process. He also indicated that the election process should eventually exclude all those who are currently part of the transition process.

The Liberian Foreign Minister said the MRU’s involvement in the situation was not a favor to Guinea but an unconditional obligation to the government and people of Guinea nothing that Liberia is an immediate neighbor of the MRU and is happy to be in Guinea to lead such effort.

According to the Foreign Ministry’s release, Minister Kemayah further indicated that their involvement is part of their complimentary support role to the efforts of the United Nations, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) the African Union (AU), and all other multilateral and bilateral partners of Guinea in a move to have a win, win situation into the process.

He reflected that Guinea over the period played a key role in Liberia’s peace process something Liberians are currently enjoying as such it is befitting for Liberia and other countries in the sub-region to reciprocate in the spirit of fraternity and solidarity.

“Liberia’s Democratic process is well on course including the historic democratic transition of power from one democratically elected President to the other in Liberia something among other things, he attributed Guinea’s role played in consolidating Peace and security in Liberia”, he added.

Minister Kemayah while commending member states of the MRU for their participation in the process also pledged the three Countries namely; Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Liberia commitments that no inch of their territorial areas or Country will be in any way used by any individual or groups to cause insecurity within the Republic of Guinea.

“Nowhere in Sierra Leone, Nowhere in Guinea and Nowhere in Liberia will be used to cause problems for Guinea”, you can rest assured for that”, Ambassador Kemayah emphasized.

He at the same time, commended Guinea for the path leading to the transition process adding that the MRU will work with Guinea for a road map to the process.

“Our respective Presidents are fully in support of this process and we will work to ensure that this becomes successful”, he emphasized.

Also speaking to reporters following the end of the meeting was Guinean Foreign Minister Morissanda Kouyate who appreciated the delegation for such key intervention.

According to him the role and intervention by the MRU into Guinea’s crisis signify a clear fraternity and solidarity in the region of which they are grateful.

He stressed that they are on a good path to the transition process and will do all they can along with regional and bilateral partners to help address the situation.

The Sunday’s meeting was a continuation in the actualization of the vision of Liberia’s President George Weah peace initiative mainly as a peace ambassador and the hosting of the Mano River Union Diplomatic Peace, Security and Democracy conference which was held in Liberia on November 22-23, 2021.

As part of the conference, he told the media that a joint communique was signed and embedded in it was the need for the MRU to feed in the joint mission comprising the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Chief of Defense Staffs of the three countries including Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

Meanwhile the peace mediation delegation to Conakry, Guinea was Headed by the Foreign Minister of Liberia Ambassador Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr. Others are; Assistant Minister For Foreign Affairs Adonie Z. Greaves, Atty, Naomi Gray, Assistant Minister for Afro -Asian Affairs, the Secretary-General of the Mano River Union Medina Wesseh and Prince Vincent, Deputy Minister for operations of the Ministry of National Defense.

While the Sierra Leonean delegation included: Hassan K. Conteh, Defense Minister of Sierra Leone, Brigadier General Abu B. Conteh among others.

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