September 21, 2023

Naymote Partner and others conclude illicit finical flow with Liberia Legislature

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development in collaboration with Integrity Watch has concluded a discussion with members of the Legislature on illicit financial flow and the revenue sharing bill in Monrovia.

The discussion, which was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program, brought together a cross-session of lawmakers from the House of Representatives. Addressing reporters after the meeting on Thursday, December 23, 2021, Naymote Executive Director Eddie Jawolo, said the discussion was intended to solicit legislation on the enactment of the bill concerning the sharing of revenue at the county levels.

According to him, the lawmakers have given the civil society organizations the assurance that they will hold further meetings with the house’s committees on Internal Affairs and Finance regarding the need to pass the bill.

Reported by: Morris Wle Tee

Phone number:+231770995818


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