February 21, 2024

Liberian Athletes lack discipline says, Minister McGill

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill has informed Liberian athletes that they will have to be disciplined if they are to fully develop into professional athletes. According to Minister McGill, the government alone cannot develop athletes unless they themselves take the responsibility by putting more time into their careers and seek sponsorship from others.

He added that sports alone do not just make a brand under the leadership of President George Weah who came from the sporting background, if the athletes are not putting more time into their careers by training and disciplining themselves to the game, there is no need to go further with such career.  

“Even if the Government allots more money for sports, once the athletes are not disciplined, sports will not still make a brand under President George Weah.  We understand, President Weah came from the background of sports, which everybody knows, but the government alone cannot develop athletes to accept they themselves take responsibility for their career by putting in more time. Yes, the government is developing more sporting facilities to enable young people who are interested in sports to have opportunities to develop their talents. For example, today, we have a sports pack under construction around Airfield Community and another one is also ongoing around the Executive Mansion. What we need is discipline from athletes”, the state man noted.

Minister Nathaniel F. McGill in conversation with young Liberians

Minister McGill continued that the government is open to developing more sporting facilities to enable young people who are interested in sports to fully develop them. He made the disclosure on Thursday, December 23, 2021, at the headquarters of the Liberia Tennis Federation in Paynesville during the official kick-off of the tennis program for underage children.

He further informed the athletes that, they will first have to observe their diet if they are to turn themselves into professionals. He said most Liberian athletes eat tobogee, cassava leaf, and hosts of other foods at all times without realizing that they are career people, which is very bad for their health. According to him, athletes are developed by their clubs and not the government. Mentioning the Senegal National football team as an example, the Minister for States and Presidential Affairs said, almost 90% of their footballers are playing professional football in great leagues in the World. He questioned if Liberian athletes are putting in efforts to find themselves in such a category? No! The guys are not disciplined, he answers himself.

“We understand, everyone can’t be politicians by going around preaching politics on a daily basis, but those who are interested in sports will have to put in more time. Today, I am impressed with the number of kids that are here to play tennis which is very necessary for them”, Minister McGill concluded.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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