September 25, 2023

President Weah encourage citizens to be thankful

Liberia President, George Manneh Weah has called on citizens to be thankful to God Almighty for his abundant grace and mercy throughout the passing year. According to the Liberian leader, despite the trials and tribulations, citizens faced in their lives and as a nation collectively, his government continues to steer safely, for which they ought to be grateful, adding Christmas is an important day for Christians around the world.

 Christmas mark the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Like millions around the world, Liberians mark the period by demonstrating how much our families, friends, and neighbors mean to us.

President Weah said it is his hope that this special tradition takes hold again this year. “Our Lord teaches us to love our neighbors as such no better time than now to show how much we care”. He started that Liberians must endeavor to extend that warmth beyond the confines of their own walls, as being nice to others not only fulfills the requirements of the scripture but also ensures that society is pleasant-sounding and peaceful.

“So regardless of our different persuasions, be it political or social, we must aspire to break down the superficial barriers that have come to set us apart as people, especially during this Christmas season. I urge you to Reach out to a friend or foe and make him know that regardless of your different worldviews, we are one people pledging allegiance to the same flag. We have together fought many afflictions that have challenged us as a nation, including wars and pestilence. There’s no height we can’t reach if we work together as a people”, Mr. Weah encouraged his people.

President Weah added that Christmas comes at a time the nation is preparing to put its rich culture and tradition on display as the celebration of the bicentennial began. According to the Liberian Leader, he hopes that every Liberian will open arms and share in the moment of pride as the bicentennial is been celebrated.

Liberians everywhere, regardless of your ethnic, religious, or political affiliations, we must begin the process of national renewal knowing we belong to one patrimony.

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