December 8, 2023

Clear the expired goods from your storeroom say, President Weah

Liberia President George Weah has cautioned Liberians to repent and be better citizens as the country mark the beginning of 2022.

According to President Weah, if Liberia must make significant progress in development, lasting prosperity, and reduction of the economic hardship, Liberians must put away their envy attitude and be appreciative to each other.

The Liberian leader delivered his New Year message at the Forky Kloh Family Fellowship church in the night, December 31, 2021, at the Forke Klon Family Fellowship church in the community in a biblical term with Text taken from 2nd Corithinea 5:17 said citizens must go to their storeroom and clear their expired goods.

He added that as the country enters a new year, Liberians must be thankful for more blessings, prosperity for the mercy of God to be upon them and for their leaders.

Mr. Weah continued that the destiny of Liberians lasts in their own hands as such, it is important that citizens make the right life choices by turning away from acts of disobedience, deception, and being appreciative to God.

At the same time president, Weah attributed the lack of improvement in the lives of some citizens is as their refusal to repent from the sins committed over the years.

In the midst of the economic hardship, President George Weah blasted government officials for helping to increase hardship on ordinary Liberians.

Addressing Scores of Citizens Friday night, December 31, 2021, at the Forky Kloh Family Fellowship church in Baptist Seminal Community outside Monrovia, the Liberian Leader describes some of his cabinet ministers as selfish and uninspiring individuals who continue to make the living condition difficult for ordinary citizens across the Country.

According to him, a lot of public servants particularly Ministers, Senators, and Representatives including Directors and others do not share with those in need in their respective communities and areas.

The preacher of the crossover said it is unfortunate for those who are worthy to look down on those who are striving to earn their daily meal by not sharing with them.

He noted that as a result of public officials’ failure to associate with community dwellers much of the burning and criticism goes to the presidency simply because they are not getting what they want to survive.

President George Weah who was seen speaking in an angry mood publicly warned government officials of every community to be their concerns.

He stated that it is heartbroken for government officials to be in a community where people are crying for save drinking water, electricity, and better learning institutions.

As Liberians celebrate the New Year session on Saturday president George Weah encourages citizens to give their lives to God if they must succeed in their undertaking.

President Weah said as the Country enters 2022, it is not the duty of citizens to carry out what he called unhealthy acts but leave all with God and should disassociate themselves with nonproductive individuals.

The former World best turn pastor said any individuals who will not make progress in life if they are connected with people who do have a version, undermine the growth of their country.

 President Weah at the same time noted that nothing can change in the life of people who do not work towards it, he cautioned all citizens to make the rightful decision in order to improve their living conditions.

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