February 28, 2024

Sex worker go viral on social media

A video in which a sex worker is demanding her client to pay the sum of five Hundred Liberian Dollars (LRD$ 500.00) as settlement for sex has gone viral on social media.

The woman is heard in the video stating that she and her client came up with the agreement of LRD$ 500.00 but the man refused to pay the money after having sex with her.

The female was also seen holding onto the trousers of her client who is said to be a motorcycle taxi rider; something which created a scuffle.

The video which has been widely shared on social media has also received tons of comments with many condemning the act.

One woman commenting on the video said “this is not funny but So sad to see a young woman going through such a situation”.

Another person commenting mentioned that “this to me is not funny at all. Why will she sell her body for as low as LRD$ 500.00”?

Though prostitution is not legal in Liberia, sex workers are seen during the night hours in major street corners in Monrovia and other major cities across the countries offering sex for as low as LRD$150.00, one hundred and fifty Liberian dollars.

photo credit: google

Reported by:    Joseph Daniels

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