December 6, 2023

Cummings expresses potential interest in breaking away from CPP to contest alone

The Stander bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has expressed potential interest and optimizing of breaking away from the gradual deforming Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to form a new alliance with other grassroots political parties and contest alone for the presidential seat of the country comes 2023 legislative and presidential election.

Making the disclosure on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, on the OK evening conversation, the ANC political leaders said,  he is prepared to contest for the presidency of Liberia alone, adding that leadership carries burden alone. 

‘’When I say going to contest for the presidency alone, I don’t mean I am going outside the CPP. I necessarily mean I am going alone as a person and as a leader right, leadership is lonely. The burden of leadership rest on you alone and I am preparing to carry that burden alone because this is about the Liberian people and making change for our country’’ Mr. Cummings laments.

According to him, not everybody has the shoulder,  spend, and the value to carry the burden of leadership and I think I have that and demonstrating that every day to the Liberian people, something he says is gradually opening his way to the presidency of the country.

The businessman turn politician explained that if the CPP stays together, he believes he will emerge as the stander bearer of the CPP and if in the likely event the CPP breaks up, he will still contest for the presidency alone comes 2023, noting that the key is that real change will be on the ballot one way or the other.

‘’I have said this consistently if we go to the CPP process we agree and the outcome of the process is somebody else, I will support them. I am confident that I will win the CPP conviction because I have the support internally. For the presidency, I will win because Liberians want real change and they understand that the structure and the system are not in their interest’’ the ANC stander bearer averred.

The former CPP chairman noted that he hopes the CPP will hold together and work but obviously, as it stands, it will not work as it was originally configured because one of the constituent parties has expressed interest in leaving the collaboration, adding that he is hopeful that ANC, LP, and UP will stay together.

According to Mr. Cummings, he is not desperate for the presidency of the country but rather he is desperate to change Liberia and change the suffering of Liberians and bring opportunities to them that will make sure the country has a better healthcare system, affordable and quality education system and better economy for Liberians to be given the space to work and support their family and contribute to nation-building.

‘’ Look at this, we are amongst the poorest country in the world and in Africa, therefore we cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results. The suffering in this country is something no Liberian should be happy with. The country has a president that is making music and not having time for the plight of the people. We have to change all those things so that our people can have the real change they long desire’’ the ANC Man noted.

Mr. Cummings debunked claimed that he is supporting the conflict in the Liberty Party, adding that he has no hand in the LP conflict but welcome their support and endorsement for his presidency and hope they solve their internal fight and he is willing to help them solve it. He said, he has spoken with the former vice president on the day the arrest warrant was issued against him but he told him that he was not aware of the issue before the court and it was the last time.

“I think his silence says a lot and Liberians can draw on the conclusion from that. When the CPP took over he said he will reconcile the CPP and bring them together and of course, that has not happened”, Cummings was alarmed.

According to him, leadership is not easy, and sometimes you have to go alone to lead alone and bring change and if this means that going alone to make my case to the Liberian people to bring change, I am prepared to do so because we have to change the system.

He confirmed that former VP Joseph Boakai recently meet him in Ghana and had a meeting but failed to disclose the intent of the meeting to the Liberian people, adding that the outcome of the meeting was positive. He refuted rumors from the public that he offered money to former VP Boakai to backup from the entire presidency and contest as his vice running mate, noting that it’s completely untruth because he does not pay to play.

Reported by: Taisiah K.Merfee


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