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Musa Bility Security Injury State Securities during ANC political leader appracnce in Court

The Personal  Security to the Chairman of the  Liberty Party  Musa  Hassan  Bility on Thursday,  January  6, 2022, at the Monrovia  City  Court at the Temple of Justice was seen in a violent  Mood in order to make his way in Court.

The stand-up started early  Thursday morning when officers of the Liberia  National Police, Monrovia  City  Police, and security assigned at the  Monrovia  City  Court were ordered to put in place some measures in order to keep the court safe.

The officers who had gone to the  Court, as usual, to carry on their regular duties were challenged by two Securities of the  Liberty  Party  Chairman  Musa  Hassan  Bility who had also gone in solidarity with the ANC  Political  Leader  Mr. Alexander  B. Cummings.

one of the officer who got wounded during the clash with Chairman Bility security

Those Injuries are Charles  Bloyefleh Bailiff of the Monrovia  City  Court, Francis  Armah Officer of the  Liberia  National Police assign at the  Court, Victoria  Davis  Officer of the  Monrovia  City Police and Patience  Kollie of the  Liberia  National Police, the four individuals were rushed to a local  Medical center and are ongoing  Medical attention.

The Temple of Justice was crowded with supporters of the  ANC and  LP chanting political slogans, Anti Justice slogans but was later calm under the control of the Police  Support  Unit (PSU).

In can be recalled the  All Liberian Party (ALP) a constituent member of the gradual deforming Collaborating Political Parties ( CPP) through it National chairman Mr. Theodore Momo issued a write of arrest through the Monrovia City court against the Alternative National Congress Political leader Alexander B. Cummings for the crimes of Forgery and criminal conspiracy.

The write of arrest issues by the Monrovia city court on Monday, January 3, 2022, stated that ” you are hereby commanded to arrest the living bodies of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and others to be identified before the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice to answer to the crimes of forgery and criminal conspiracy.

The write continued that based upon the writ and complaints of the Republic of Liberia through the All Liberian Party by and through its national chairman in which it alleged that during the period of May 2020 upon and including July 2020 that the within named defendants being there and there in violation of section 17.70 of the new penal law of Liberia, purposely connived, conspired and jointly did after the CPP framework documents through deceiving the private prosecutor and the Public regarding the content and averments of said documents.

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