December 8, 2023

Criminal Court “C” Grant Biomia Folley Bill of Expectations

Criminal Court  C Assigned judge at the  Temple of Justice in  Monrovia has granted the  Bill of  Expectations filed by  Defendant Biomia Folley through his Lawyer  Cllr.  Jonathan Massaquoi against the  Writ of arrest that was issued by the Ministry of  Youth and  Sports through the  Liberia  National Police in 2020 last year.

It can be recalled on October  18, 2019, the Ministry of  Youth and Sports recommended a vendor, Boimah  Folley Sports  Center to supply  Sixty  (60) sets of Jerseys based on sponsorship for the  National  County’s Sports Meet by the  Management of the  APM Terminal.

Accordingly,  a contract was entered into by  APM Terminal and  Biomiah  Folley Sports  Center to supply Sixty  (60) sets of  Jerseys for the  Fifteen (15) Counties of the  2019/ 2020 National  County’s  Sports Meet, dated  November  26,  2019.

The Invoice with the amount of  United  States Dollars Twenty-four thousand (USD$ 24,000.00) was presented to the APM  Terminal by Boimah  Folley Sports  Center as shown from the record of the lower  Court. The said amount was transferred into the  Vendor  Accounts and  APM Terminal notified the Ministry of  Youth and sports relative’s to the payment of funds from its GT  Bank account into the  Vendor  Expand account, dated December 6,  2019.

The said invoice indicated that one George  Haines  Gborgar, proprietor of Heaven  Printing  Company received fifty  (50) sets of Jerseys but Mr. Gborgar told the  Liberia  National  Police, after being requested to do so, the records revealed that the  Ministry of  Youth and Sports demanded defendant Biomiah  Kay Folley to turn the money allegedly received from the APM  Terminal on grounds that  Defendant Biomiah  Folley filed to supply the sixty sets of Jerseys as agreed upon by the parties.

Minister  D. Zeogar Wilson,  Minister of  Youth and sports wrote a  Communication to the  Inspector General of Police, Col. Patrick T. Sudue claiming that  Defendant Biomia Folley defrauded the Government of  Liberia and defaulted in the supply of sixty  (60) sets of  Jerseys and that the funds were converted into his personal use. Accordingly,  the Police charged Defendant Biomia Folley for Crimes of  Thefts of  Property and  Misapplication of Entrusted Property and were forwarded to the Monrovia  City  Court in keeping with the law.

In its ruling, the Court  Observed that on November 26, 2019, a contract was entered into by the  APM Terminal and Biomiah  Folley  Sports  Center to supply Sixty  (60) sets of  Jerseys for fifteen  (15) Countries of 2019 /2020 National  County’s  Sports. Hence, Defendant’s Bill of Expectations will is hereby granted given the Circumstances this  Court also agrees with the  Defender’s conventions that it was unreasonable to hold  Defendant Biomiah Folley for what he termed and inferred to add insufficiency of evidence.

Reported by: Taisiah K.Merfee


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