December 6, 2023

GOL apologize to Religious Community and Opposition for not inviting them at Bi-centennial celebration

The National Steering Committee of Liberia’s Bi-centennial celebration has openly apologized to the Religious Community and opposition Political Parties, for failure to invite their presence at the official commencement ceremony on Providence Island.

The Bi-centennial Steering Committee Chairman, Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie extended the apology on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, stating the committee’s action was not intentional, but an oversight by the protocol which should not be looked at differently.

He told a team of reporters that going forward, the religious community and political parties will not only be given invitations but a role to perform during activities marking the celebrations.

Minister Rennie noted that the Bi-centennial celebration which marks the two hundred years anniversary of freed black slaves to Liberia is inclusive of all Liberians regardless of affiliations.

The Bicentennial National Steering Committee Chairman also disclosed preparations for the February 14, 2022 launch of the program are going well to host foreign guests including Heads of State.

Reported by: Morris Wle Tee

Phone number:+231770995818


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