February 22, 2024

Bong County wins the Athletics category of the 2021/2022 National County Sports meet

Bong County was declared champions of the athletics edition of the 2021/2022 National County Sports Meet with the accumulation of 38 points from nine (9) track and field events. They grabbed three gold medals from two middle distance races, 800m and 1,500, and from a medley relay.

The medley relay is a track and field event in which teams of four athletes compete over sprinting distances as part of a relay race. Unlike most track relays, each member of the team runs a different distance. Also, Bong County earned seven (7) silver medals in five events, namely, 100m female, 200m female, 400m both male and female, medley relay, 4×400 mixed relay, and shot put.

Bong County in the first position

The male grabbed bronze in 800m while the female pursued bronze in the high jump. Interestingly, the female side of Bong County was the heartbeat, while the male was the support system for the county to be crowned 1st winner. Accordingly, the gold medal is 5 points, silver 3 points and bronze is 1 point respectively.

Grand Gedeh County narrowly won 2nd place with 31 points, followed by Sìnoe County as the 3rd place winner with 30 points. Meanwhile, Nimba County got 16 points from the nine (9) events and Grand Bassa and Lofa grappled for eight points each respectively.

Montserrado and Grand Cape Counties settled with six (6) points each, while Grand Kru and Margibi acquired five (5) and three (3) points respectively. The duo’s counties bearing the name River Gee and River Cess had one (1) point at peace, while the rest of the counties have zero.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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