February 22, 2024

LNP declare war on zogoe

At least 30 people have been pronounced dead including pregnant women following the stampede in New Kru Town District #16, Montserrado County as the result of hack jackers (Zogoe attacked).

It is reported late Wednesday night, 30 people died and several injur while several were hospitalized in New Kru Town as the result of Zogoe attack on a Christian crusade organized by Apostle Abraham Kromah.

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudu said the police from today will take massive actions by going after those Zogoe to stop such acts in the country. The IG immediately ordered his deputy 102 to take charge of the zogoes situation. He also explains that 5 persons are already in detention within the connection of the incident. Patrick Sudu assured citizens to remain calm as the police are putting all necessary work to put the situation under control.

The Police Inspector General at the same time warned institutions and religious organizations to refrain from having closed-door gatherings without proper security measures. The Police IG noted that the government has access to every program hosted by institutions or organizations to provide proper security protection.

Meanwhile, the church leadership is at the LNP Headquarters for questioning concerning the situation.  The General Overseer of the World of Life Outreach Mission International Apostle Kromah through a press statement read by the church Communication Associate Bedeskoe Tumbay said the church and its members regret the loss of lives of Liberians who were returning home from a daylong crusade in New Kru Town.

Apostle Abraham Kromah expressed sadness for the loss of lives. He expressed the church full working with the Liberia National Police in the investigation of the incident. According to the release, the church is making all efforts to get in touch with the bereaved families who lost their loved ones while seeking the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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