February 25, 2024

Orange Liberia partners with Plus Liberia to promote Liberian music and artists

One of Liberia giants in the communication sector Orange Liberia in partnership with Plus Liberia has launched a music platform that will be beneficial to Liberian artists in generating direct revenue from their music.

According to the GSM company, one can download Liberian music for an affordable fee, minimum of USD$0.10 that gives you a single download,  USD$1 gives you 30 songs when you subscribe to the $1 for 30 days package as well as 200 songs for USD$5 package. 

The partnership is to run for two (2) years and will be extended afterward if possible. Plus Liberia is to benefit 50% of each sale with free promotion from Orange Liberia.

The multimillion-dollar company said it is their own way of promoting Liberian music and artists in the country and around the world. “LET’S SUPPORT LIBERIAN ARTISTS AND MUSIC”, they noted.

For their part, Plus Liberia noted that for the past years, it has been a struggling and rough journey for Liberian artists. They said they have witnessed cases where artists invest in quality sounds and videos in the end they have nothing to earn from their work.

According to the music house, some artists even when as far as featuring some of Africa’s biggest artists just to help put Liberian sound on the map. They informed that the issue with artists not benefiting from their craft has been very prime within our entertainment sector in Liberia.

 About 15% of Liberian artists only benefit from their songs through events and shows. “Even though some of their contents are on other international streaming and purchase platforms but still, the local people are unable to support due to some general factors. However, we strongly believe with this new initiative, Liberian artists will be able to benefit from their craft. Even the local people will be able to support Liberian artists by purchasing their songs”, Plus Liberia informed the public.

Plus Liberia is a Liberian music download website created in April 2017. With over 450,000.00 plus viewers per month, from 112 countries. It is one of the most visited music websites in Liberia. In 2018, Plus Liberia was nominated for Best Music Blog of the year at the Liberia Youth Awards. In 2019, the chief editor was awarded as best blogger of the year at the Liberia Youth Awards. Also, in 2019 Plus Liberia was nominated as Best Music Blog of the year at the Australia Liberian Entertainment Awards. Plus Liberia started as a music download and entertainment news website, but later changed fully to a music download website in early 2019. Currently with few employees, Plus Liberia is managed by Peace Dennis Sambola Jr and Samuel Wuraola. It Mission is to become the best online music portal delivering fresh Liberian music to Liberians home and abroad.

Hit this link http://store.plusliberia.com/ and download any song using your airtime main balance as a means of payment.

Photo credit: Orange Liberia

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