March 29, 2023

Sethi Brother identifies with Redemption Hospital and Monrovia Central Prison

Sethi Brother Incorporated has presented over 50 bags of Rice to the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town and 152 bags of Rice to the central prison in Monrovia as a way of sympathizing with the bereaved family and helping the hospital to provide meals to the hospital, and inmates at the famous South Beach.

The Presentation was made on Friday, January 21, 2022, at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town. The donation includes fifty bags of rice to the Redemption Hospital and one  Hundred and fifty-two bags of rice to the Monrovia central prison as a way of helping the family and the Hospital.

Making the donation on behave of the Chief  Executive officer of the Sethi brother incorporated Paul Sethi a Representative of the  Company said,  it was the company way of giving back to humanity during this time of bereavement.

According to Mr. Lawrance Capps, as a company, it is their Social Corporate  Responsibility to identified with the people of Liberia and the Redemption Hospital during such time. He added that the CEO calls on the bereaved family to take solace in the Lord and that God will carry them through this time of bereavement.

For her part, the Medical  Director of the Redemption Hospital Dr. Williamina Gibson was glad to receive such a donation and thanked the company for such efforts and also call on others to help the Hospital and family during this time of difficulty.

Dr. Williamina Gibson said as an institution, they will do all it takes to provide the needed services to the patience and call on the General Public to keep them in prayer. She said out of the 17 Person that was admitted  6 of them has recovered 11 are still undergoing medical attention and the public will be duly informed about their status.

It can be recalled on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 11 kids and 17 adults were confirmed dead at the government hospital on Bushrod Island. The situation followed minutes after a major crusade having thousands of worshipers in attendance, hosted by famous Liberian Prophet, Apostle Abraham Kromah disbursed at about 9 pm.

Reports231 gather that while the people, including kids and adults, were making their way out of the D. Tweh fence where the crusade was held, some disadvantaged youths otherwise called ‘zogos’ reportedly terrorize peaceful citizens, something which instilled fear in the people and started to run for their lives.

Accordingly, the situation portrayed the ‘ survival of the fittest theory or ‘ only the strong shall survive’ scenario where people were running, while others fell to the ground, including kids and adults suffered unbearable pains from the running crowd.

Reported by:  Taisiah K.Merfee


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