February 22, 2024

Senate Secretary and Wife Arrested for allegedly embezzling USD$ 5Million and causing Economic Sabotage and Theft to the country.

Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh and wife, Deddeh J. Singbeh were among several other individuals, who were arrested on Friday, January 21, 2022, and are accused of duping the government of USD$ 418,654.93 by faking duty-free incentives documents and two Czech Republic investors, Martin and Pavel Miloschewsky of over US$ 5million in both cash and mining equipment.

Mr. Singbeh and his co-defendants were charged with multiple criminal offenses including economic sabotage and theft by the Criminal Court C at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia. Mr. Singbeh and his co-defendants were later released on a USD$ 400,000 criminal appearance bond posted by the Sky International Insurance Corporation on Friday afternoon, of which said bail is expected to be challenged by the prosecution.

The defendants were arrested, after the Grand jurors that are housed at another court, Criminal Court A indicted on January 17, 2022.

The indictment was triggered when a British national, Hans Armstrong, current Attorney accused the defendants of robbing the company of US$5million that is in both cash and mining equipment transferred to the country for the establishment of a Crush Rock Production, the MHM Eko Liberia.

According to court documents released late Friday afternoon January 21, 2022, the Miloschewsky brothers, in June 2013, up to July 2019, expressed interest in Liberia’s business sectors, with the intent of establishing a company in the country for the production of crushed rocks and other related quarry activities.

The documents allege that the investors contacted co-defendant Singbeh and having been contacted, Singbeh whom the Czech investors offered shares to, but notwithstanding, Singbeh deceived the investors, and used his position as a government official and conspired and connived with his co-defendants that include George W. Wisner, former executive director of the National Investment Commission (NIC), Othello Z B Karr, current incentive officer of the NIC, and Nathaniel Barnes, who by then served as a consultant for the MHM Eko Liberia.

The indictment also claimed that the defendants obtained fake and fraudulent investment incentives for duty-free privileges; in spite of the fact that the company was formed to engage in crushed rocks and other related quarry businesses, that are not entitled to duty-free incentive and with a capital investment of US$7 616,152, thereby creating the opportunity to defraud the government of it needed lawful revenge.

The court records said, the duty-free application (no. 103528/100% duty-free entitlement) dated December 12, 2016, in favor of the MHM Eko Liberia, on good supplied one unit (Hitachi zw 310 wheel load chassis 000683) and two-screen premier track, all totaling US$842,669.26. 

Unfortunately, the document said, as a result of the defendant’s duty-free scan with Wisner and Karr, awarded the amount of US$16,853.39 as payable; but, instead, MHM Eko Liberia paid the amount of US$8, 261, thereby cheating the government challenging in the amount of US$8, 592.39.

The court records further claimed that through the scandalous co-defendant Singbeh conspired with defendant Barry Tequah, and they fake Golden Verolum of Liberia (GVL), Vice president for strategy, Elvis G. Morris’s signature, under the subterfuge of GVL’s duty-free privileges to clear ten Howo Sino trucks, one load belt and twenty-foot container with assorted spare parts for the ten Howo Sino trucks, cleared from the Freeport of Monrovia through the company, Standard Logistics using the fake duty-free incentive on behalf of the MHM Eko Liberia. They caused the government of Liberia to lose the total amount of USD$410, 062.54.

Again, the court records alleged that co-defendant Singbeh, though he was issued a 30% share in the company, with criminal intent opened two bogus accounts in the name of MHM Eko Liberia, at both Ecobank- Liberia and the Afriland First Bank.

The records also alleged that Mr. Singbeh conspired with co-defendants Karel Socher, Ales Sramek, Petr Pesek, and Jan Holaseh, all Czech Republic nationals, along with a Liberian lady, Gloria Cain, then secretary of the MHM Eko Liberia, convinced the Czech investors, and then majority shareholders to unknowingly transfer the amount of USD$ 2,495,109 to Ecobank and USD$102,000 to Afriland First Bank, which was intended to pay customs duties on equipment imported, pay salaries of employees and other operational costs.

Surprisingly, Mr. Singbeh’s wife Deddeh, who is an employee of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) allegedly connived with her husband, Singbeh, to withdraw the amount of USD$ 25,000 out of the MHM Eko Liberia account at the Ecobank.

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