December 6, 2023

Tennis should be included in Secondary learning curriculum says, Alfred Kandarkai

International certified Tennis Coach, Alfred Kandarkai wants tennis to be induced as P. E curriculum for secondary learning institutions in Liberia. According to him, several secondary learning institutions and Universities have expressed interest in the tennis sport.

A charity sporting institution, Youth for Tennis through its Chief Executive Officer, Alfred Kandarkai said the need for tennis to be introduced in the various secondary learning institutions as a special Physical Education curriculum for all schools across the country is important.

Alfred Kandarkai, who was certified in Valencia Spain as an International tennis Coach made the remarks when he appeared as a guest on the OK Sports Desk on the weekend program of January 22, 2022. According to him, besides high schools; Universities and colleges also want the game to be introduced in their institutions.

Coach Alfred said tennis has a lot of opportunities as compared to football, basketball, and kickball which are highly played across the country.

“Today, several high schools, universities, and colleges want this sport to be taught in their various institutions. For example, our secondary learning institutions don’t have a specific curriculum for Physical Education which I think, tennis could be the best sport. Tennis has a lot of opportunities that will benefit our kids in the future through international scholarship and hosts of other benefits. Tennis has lots of opportunities more than football, basketball, and kickball that are highly played across Liberia”, Coach Alfred said.

The Youth for Tennis CEO added that the long-awaited leadership dispute is one of the cardinal reasons undermining the growth of the sport in Liberia. According to him, players and Coaches have been denied opportunities to attend international tennis conferences and competitions because of no legitimate leaders of the Liberia Tennis Federation.

“I remember in 2018, we received an invitation to send coaches to Egypt to attend an international coaching tennis conference where coaches meet and discuss activities of the sport through view sharing, but we were unable to form part of that exercise. Even our Athletes have received an invitation to participate in international competitions but a constrained couple with leadership could not permit them”, he further revealed.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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