December 6, 2023

Dr. Jeety provide hot meal to Salt Beach

India former Honorary Council General to Liberia, Dr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva commonly known in Liberia as Mr. Jeety yesterday, provided hot cook meal to 1408 inmates at the Monrovia Central prison popular known as Salt Beach. Speaking at the food distribution exercise, Dr. Jerry said has constant habit of providing food to the inmates is part of his company’s social corporate responsibility. He noted that as a religious person, God Almighty has given everyone the opportunity to help society one way or the order. He attributed the donation as God’s plain to his people in the prison compound.

Dr. Jeety who is not a stranger to the needy in society said, the art if giving is blessing. He encouraged all corporate institutions and private business entities to form part of the good distribution exercise in order to buttress government effort to run the prison center. “If one person try to feed at least a neighbor, there will be no hunger in the country”, Dr. Jeety noted.

Dr. Jeety sharing the food

Also speaking, the head at the Prison compound Supt. Varney Lake said, the gesture is not surprising as it is Dr. Jetty tradition of providing food for the inmate every month. He expressed of not getting tire of thanking the Business taco responsibility to Salt Beach as it is commonly called.

Supt. Lake praised Dr. Jeety for contacting Sethi Brothers who contributed over hundred bags of 25 kg rice to the center. “This has now become a culture for you, we pray as the year goes by, you will increase in business to continue helping us and others”, Supt. Lake noted.

This is the second time Dr. Jeety has contributed to Salt Beach in this month. The businessman who started his food distribution for about seven years with in and around Monrovia seem to have no plans of quitting the find distribution. He is not alone is the food distribution exercise but have included some if his workers who are Indians and Liberians, including Journalists and the security apparatus.

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