December 8, 2023

“NATIONAL SHAME ON WOMANHOOD” Gender Minister characterize Cummings (COS) publication

A day after the social media reports of the Book entitled  George Weah: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power which is Co-Author by the Office Chief of staff  “Isaac Vah Tukpah”, from the political Leader of Alternative National Congress Mr. Alexander Cummings. The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection said, it is disturbed by the mocking and dehumanizing characterization of womanhood deplorably wrapped in an unauthorized book.

Addressing the Media on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection  Ms. Williametta  Saydee-Tarr said, she finds this smear campaign and groundless onslaught against Liberia’s First Lady and her family as a national shame that must be condemned by all, irrespective of political difference.

“Whilst we heighten all efforts to curb an act that publicly violates the rights of women and girls, the Ministry finds it troubling the denigrating falsehoods written in such an unorthodox manner about women” Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr stated. 

She condemns the form and manner Mr. Tukpah and his accomplice mockingly used demeaning words to describe a woman as they fell from the sky.

She noted that the Ministry views such assault as a serious threat to the huge stride made over the years to ensure that the message of Gender sensitivity resonates with all sectors, tribes, and classes; regardless of political or religious affiliations, or differences. 

Willamette Saydee-Tarr maintains that any approach, attitude, characterization, and description that appears to discriminate womanhood should be condemned to the fullest. 

“It appears from the presentation of those embarrassing assertions mentioned in that book shamefully describing the female lineage of the President and full-on attacking the First Lady in such manner, that so-called levelheaded and perceived highly educated men, have underestimated, undermined, compromised and politicized our push to end violence against Women, Girls and Children”, she asserted.

 Meanwhile, Minister Tarr lauded that they would have thought that Mr. Tukpah, claiming to be so educated and civilized would know better than to portray a woman in such a manner, especially based on lies created in his mind. 

She however acknowledged that the Ministry is taking seriously the negative descriptions against womanhood, as depicted by excerpts being posted around, that clearly also attacks the Mother of President, his Grandmother and, Liberian women as a whole. 

At the same time, she encourages social media bloggers, radio talk show hosts, the print media to disengage from sharing content from the book as doing so will equally promote the abuse of womanhood and reinforce the trauma the First Family are experiencing.

“This shameful act by this horrible character is equal to emotional abuse, as well as psychological trauma not just for the First Family but also all of us women of Liberia. Our call as a Ministry to bring the publishers to book is a continuation of countless condemnations against cyberbullying, domestic violence, and sexual-related offenses against women, girls, and children”, the Gender Minister stated.

During their media briefing head at their Ministry, she called on all women groups, locally and internationally to jointly condemn Mr. Tukpah unauthorized book and its publishing house for not doing its own due diligence.

The Ministry additionally calls on the Alternative National Congress(ANC) and its Collaborative Political Parties  (CPP) to show they are not in agreement with the Chief of Staff of Mr. Cummings,  the Women Wing must condemn the shame aided and abetted by Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah.

According to the Gender Minister, they are hoping the First Family will seek all legal recourse against those involved with the which revels in slandering womanhood.

“We hope the international community is watching what is obtaining from the end of the ANC.  We cannot overemphasize the importance of this fight against all forms of violence against women including their rights to privacy”, Minister Saydee-Tarr concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tukpah has been dismissed by the ANC political leader Alexander Cummings.

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey 


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