December 6, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: False and misleading alarm, Solicitor-General office responds to Cummings supporters

 The attention of the office of the Solicitor-General has acknowledged that its attention has been drawn to a campaign of misinformation and lies being perpetrated by certain individuals in the Liberian society and abroad describing the arrest and current prosecution and trial of Alexander B. Cummings and others as an attack on democracy and the rule of law.

The perpetrators of this evil campaign are alleging that the trial of Cummings is an attempt to silence him and ensure nonresistance to the rule of the current government.

The office of the Solicitor-General dismisses these allegations as baseless and describes them as nothing but mere diversionary tactics employed by detractors to divert the attention of the public from the shameful conduct of the ANC leader in altering and forging the CPP framework document to further his political ambition at expense of other CPP political leaders.

The release issued today clarifies that the trial of Alexander Cummings and others on charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy is the most audacious way to judiciously combat and contain his alleged “swollen ego” complained of by the All Liberian Party (ALP) and other political leaders in the opposition, who have viewed his actions and activities as clever attempts to undermine Liberia’s multi-party democracy credentials and the freedom of association for his own selfish gains.

Rather than spreading lies and misinformation about the trial, the release added, the alleged fraudulent conduct of defendant Cummings and others must be openly condemned as counterproductive to Liberia’s new democratic dispensation and must be viewed as an attempt to introduce a True Whig Party style of autocratic and dictatorial politics in the ranks of the CPP and the larger Liberian society at the detriment of other political leaders.

The release calls on the public to see the forgery and criminal conspiracy trial against Alexander Cummings and others as a great opportunity to expose the alleged autocratic politics of  Alexander Cummings and his gangs who seem quite unremorseful and utterly determined not only to have hijacked the CPP and impose himself as to its leader but also to have falsely presented himself in the eyes of the Liberian people and the international community as the only alternative voice in the CPP   at the expense of others.

The release further clarifies that defendant Cummings is on trial because he has been accused along with other Liberians for fraudulently altering, forging, and resolving for his own benefits the critical issues of when and how a party shall exit the CPP, the determining health standards by which a presidential candidate may be selected, among others, which were never resolved in the initial framework document signed on May 19, 2020.

The release said that the fact that Alexander Cummings appears totally unrepentant, callous and defiant, and lives under the illusion of being “innocent” at the behest of his lawyers, and has the audacity of employing all sorts of judicial shenanigans in the face of compelling evidence, clearly demonstrates his inordinate desire to falsely impose on the CPP as its leader and thereby create chaos and civil disobedience in the Liberian society.

The release noted that the office of the Solicitor-General has taken seized of this matter primarily not because the alleged fraudulent act complained of, involves Alexander Cummings and others from the Alternative National Congress(ANC) against the political interests of other Liberians in the CPP,    but because it has the potential to gravely undermine and damage  Liberia’s multi-party democracy and thereby plunge the CPP  and the entire country into a serious political crisis which will not augur well for the peace and security of the state.

The release further noted that Cummings should be seen and treated as nothing more than a mere criminal defendant, and deserves no special treatment,  and as such, he is being processed and drilled through the Liberian judicial process to answer from his crimes like any other defendant and shall remain so up to the end of the trial.

Meanwhile, the release concluded that the office of the  Solicitor-General is emboldened by the resolved of the Ministry of Justice vis-à-vis the  Liberian  Government to stay the course in protecting the rule of law,  freedom of association,  and multi-party democracy amid the litany of distractions and lies being perpetrated both from within and outside of Liberia to politicize the prosecution of Cummings for forgery and criminal conspiracy.

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