March 29, 2023

Stop buying medicine from unauthorized persons, Pharmacist Smith cautions the public

The head of Liberia Medicines and Health Regulatory Product is encouraging Liberians to desist from purchasing medical products from street peddlers across the country.

Pharmacist Keturah Smith told reporters Tuesday, February 8, 2022, in Monrovia that citizens need to stop buying medical drugs from people selling unauthorized medicines, to discourage people from selling those expired medical drugs in major street corners.

Madam Keturah’s statement is part of a public awareness campaign against the sales & usage of substandard and falsified medicines in public and private facilities across the country.

She stated that the sun-ray on these medical products has an adverse effect not only on the products but also on the inhumane system of the human body. it is established that most Liberians hardly visit the hospital for a normal check-up. Liberians prefer to buy medicines by the roadside or unauthorized persons for less amount.

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