March 29, 2023

President Weah dedicates new Duala market, and call for collective effort in developing the country

Liberia President George Weah has expressed delight and thanks to the people and government of Japan for their contribution to the development of Liberia, especially in infrastructure development. Speaking at the dedication of a modern and giant market structure in Duala on the Bushrod Island, President said the Duala market is one of the largest and most important in the country.

The Liberian Leader informed marketers that the structure is amongst many others his government to promote local business and petty trading and a form to reduce poverty. “DESPITE OUR RESOURCES AND FINANCIAL CONSTRAIN AS GOVERNMENT, WE GATHER OUR LITTLE RESOURCES TO BUILD MARKET STRUCTURES FOR OUR PEOPLE”, Mr. Weah noted.

President George Manneh Weah

Acknowledging and praising the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) for their hard work in promoting his government, President Weah cautioned the marketers to always keep the place clean and attractive to customers, “THIS PLACE SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THE OLD DUALA MARKET”. He added that the cleanness of the market will attract customers and determine healthy business at the market complex.

Standing tall, the Liberian Leader praised himself that he keeps every promise and some of those promises are the building of market structures. He promised to build more market structures as he is the “TALK AND DO”. He at the same time cautioned the leadership of LMA and Duala to protect the structure. Mr. Weah advice that there should be no selling by the road side hut instead, use the market structure for good business transaction. He continued that those who have refuse to respect the rule of law will be dealt with. According to President Weah, hard decision will be taken against people who continue to sell by the road side, especially those in the Red Light area. President Weah continue that his government is prepare to develop the country and no one can stop it. “ IF YOU DON’T WANT DEVELOPMENT GET OU OF OUR WAY, WE ARE BUILDING FROM VILLAGE TO VILLAGE, TOWN TO TOWN, AND CITY TO VILLAGE, IF YOU DON’T WANT IT, LEAVE”, Mr. Weah cautioned his countrymen. The President in his parting statement acknowledge that the media is the driving tool of the country, and encourage them to promote love for country and preach the good news of development and oneness in the country to move forward.

Giving an overview of the project, LACE Boss Perci Quiwu Yeke thank president weah and the people of Japan for the gift to the people of that community. According to him, the project is a boost to the informal sector and promotion of the CDC PAPD. He added that the center will contribute to markerters house hold income, economic development, create trade and smooth business transaction at that center. Mr. Yeke explained that the market structure is suited on a 1.1 acre of land with 1500 tables, 20 bathrooms including shower, 2 office space, a tower for water supply, solar lighting system, ware house, a giant size generator and a created generator room. He informed the public that the cost of the giant structure is USD$4.3 million.

Perci QuiwuYeke

The LACE  Boss continue that the structure will host several marketers fro different areas especially women. “PLEASE KEEP THIS BUILDING CLEAN AND SAFE, LEAVE THE ROAD AND SELL IN THE STRUCTURE CREATED FOR YOU FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. THE WAY YOU SEE THE STRUCTURE CLEAN TODAY, SO SHALL IT ALWAYS BE”, Mr. Yeke cautioned the users. He quickly added that the Liberian government contributed 20% to the total cost of the structure.

Montserrado County District#16 Representative, Dixon Siebo

Making his remark as head of the district, Montserrado County District #16 Representative, Dixon Siebo shower praises of President Weah for a job well done for the market people of his district. According to him, he is not surprise of such a huge market structure in his district. He said it is the manifestation of the argument that when George Weah becomes president, he will build the country. He explained that within four years, President weah government has contributed projects in his district amounting to USD$10 million.

Giving the breakdown, Rep. Siebo said, the Weah lead government build 89 housing units amounting to USD$2 million, beach and coastal development USD$2.5 million, New Duala Market USD$4.3 million, Resource Center USD$300 thousand, and scholarship USD$200 thousand. “IF IN FOUR YEAR YOU CAN SPEND 10 MILLION, IN TWELVE YEARS, YOU CAN SPEND 30 MILLION”, Rep. Siebo noted.

LMA President, Madam Elizabeth Sheriff

Meanwhile Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) president, Madam Elizabeth Sambola thanked the Weah government for the market structure. Describing it as a gift, she said no one can do more then what they are not to do. She praised the Liberian Leader for his continue efforts in building market structures for ordinary market women. “THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING THE LOCAL MARKET WOMEN IN YOUR AGENDA, YOU HAVE SHOWN US THAT INDEED THE PAPD IS FOR US”, she praise Mr. Weah. Madam Elizabeth appeal for dump site and vehicle in order to dispose the dirt from the days’ activity.

She at the same time thanked the president for the construction of the Omega market, but appealed for a clinic and an adult school for market women. The LMA proposed that the school and clinic when build should be name in honour of Mother Annie Weah. They at the same occasion pledge their support to Mr. Weah  2023 presidential bid.

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