March 24, 2023

Stakeholders of Liberian football endorse Mustapha Raji second LFA Presidential bid

Muscat FC President, Charles Massalay said, Stakeholders of Liberian football have appealed that Mustapha I Raji, continue as President of the Liberia Football Association.

The Muscat FC President made the disclosure on Monday, February 21, 2022, at a local hotel in Monrovia when a newly promoted 2nd division club, Cece United officially endorsed the second term bid of Mustapha I Raji.

Muscat FC President, Charles Massalay

” I am here in my capacity as a president of a football club and I am also here with my other colleagues. Stakeholders want Raji to continue, Amen! I think the message has gone forth, we are all into football for the promotion, improvement, and development. Our being here endorsing him one after another does not mean that there is not room for improvement. Raji has fought to correct some of the things, some of us have criticized over the years. I have been one of the best critics of Mustapha I Raji, but things have improved gradually, which I believed things are not going to be the same. I once told him that Mr. President, it will come a time when stakeholders will have to judge your work”, he noted.

” I want to thank each and every one of you, ranging from women football division and male 1st and 2nd divisions for coming, but I am not seeing “Pires” Freeport FC, President Tickly Monkoney”. I want to openly apologize to him at this time for whatever I have gone run against him. Pires, has been one of my good friends in Liberian football. Many people have been calling me asking me what happened between you and Pires, but I want to openly apologize at this forum for whatever I have gone wrong against him, Mr. Charles Massalay spoke out.

Meanwhile, Cece United Vice President for Administration Mohammed Bamba read the club endorsement statement at the club official Press Conference.

He said, As the Elective Congress of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) draws closer, the leadership of Cece United Football Academy has decided to officially endorse the second term bid of Mr. Mustapha I. Raji, as President of the Liberia Football Association.

Our decision is predicated on the progressive leadership exhibited by Mr. Raji, since his ascendency to the highest position of the Liberia football house. His valuable contributions to the growth and development of football in our country are unprecedented.

Cece United Vice President for Administration Mohammed Bamba

Cece United noted that the visible impacts made so far by the LFA under the stewardship of Mr. Raji across various domains of the footballing sector, ranging from grassroots, women’s football, infrastructure, and academic among others are something that we at Cece United see as a golden opportunity that doesn’t need to change but improved upon.

they added that Mr. Raji and his administration have initiated the necessary structures changes at the LFA to effectively and efficiently run the daily operations of the institution, where transparency, accountability, and integrity is the hallmark of the LFA.

Cece United said, their support is greatly backed by the lifting of financial sanctions, clearance of financial malpractice after several audits conducted by FIFA auditors, and the numerous gestures and support from the Government, other Member Associations, and partners. Cece United, as a football institution founded in 2012 to build the capacity of young and talented kids, who will contribute towards the manpower development, growth, and soccer game in Liberia, has a long working relationship with Mr. Raji as a football administrator long before his ascendancy to the top seat of the LFA.

“He is such a progressive leader, and we believe that not giving him another chance to roll out the next face of developments carried out so far during his first term will be unjust. As we all continue to strive to rebrand Liberia football to be countries around the globe, re-electing Raji is the best choice we can make in the interest of our beloved game, football”, Mr. Bamba acknowledged.

Also speaking at the Press Conference, Doris Bedell of Ambassador Football Club Liberia Chapter said, she was in total disagreement with Mustapha Raji at the beginning of his first term most especially during the first election. According to her, Mr. Raji has proven her wrong, and as such, she is in support of his second term bid.

Doris Bedell of Ambassador Football Club Liberia

Meanwhile, the endorsement was attended by a huge number of football stakeholders including, Executive Committee Member Arvin Brown, retired football Referee, Lamin Kamara, Jubilee FC President, James K. Nimene, Tony FC President, Anthony Deninuka, Shaita FC Vice President, Benita Whitney Urey, CeCe United Chief Executive Officer, Payala Janyan, and officials of Hippo FC and Nimba FC amongst other.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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