December 6, 2023

Liberian Senate to purchase 32 seated bus for Amputee Lone Star team; VP Taylor says

Liberia’s Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor has requested the Chairperson on Executive at the Liberian Senate, Senator Saah H. Joseph, and the Senate Chairman on Youth and Sports to work with their colleagues to enable them to purchase a 32 seated bus for the Liberia Amputees National football team.

The Liberia Amputees National Football team’s request for a bus and other benefits have been characterized by its numerals achievements. Amputees Lone Star team won three Nations Cup, 2nd placed and a 3rd placed finished followed by defeat in a World Cup final to Turkey earlier. But they have also qualified to the 2022 Amputees Football World Cup in Turkey, slated for October of this year.

Chief Dr. Taylor appealed to each Senator to contribute at least a thousand United States dollars which she said will be enough to help secure a portable bus for the team.

The Vice President made the revelation on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at her Capital Building officer in Monrovia during a meeting with players and officials of Liberia Amputee National Football team, Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson, Deputy Sports Minister Andy Quamie, and Senator Saah Joseph.

Players of the National Amputee Football Team

“I think we need to appreciate the Amputee Football team for their numerals contributions. I understand they have outlined several things they need right now, but one of the cardinal things I think is the issue of the bus. I am calling on you, Senator Saah Joseph, Chairman on Executive to convince your colleagues for each person to pay at least one thousand United States dollars to help buy a bus for our disabled federation. I will also provide my contributions as Vice President as well”, Dr. Taylor noted.

The Liberian Vice President also promised the disabled federation to work with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to provide Technical and Vocational Education for their players.

She asked the federation heads to submit a list of members or players who want to get vocational education at this moment for her quick intervention.

“The issues of vocational education for your members is very simple because the Government runs most of the institutions in the country. I just want you to make your list of members who are interested. I understand the Ministers are here and I believed that they are capable of taking care of that aspect of your request, but if they can’t handle it, please get back to me. Please, don’t worry about the bus issues, we will provide that as our contribution from the senate. For any other increment like your said about the low operational budget, we will try to see during the recast budget whether we can add small thing to it”, V P Taylor said.

pictorial of VP Taylor and the Amputee team

Meanwhile, Senator Saah Joseph has accepted the request of the Vice President to work with his colleagues to purchase the bus for the Amputees Football team.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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