December 8, 2023

VP calls for more traditional schools across the country, as Traditional Heads demand FGM taskforce function. 

Serving as chief launcher of the SGBV, the Vice President of Liberia Madam Jewel Howard Taylor called on the government to build more traditional schools across the country and provide traditional education among citizens unless the FGM in other to keep the culture alive.

According to her,  the Nation should hail the traditional foods by putting the Zoes and the Teachers in position so young Children can go to Learn what they should be learning. 

VP Taylor vows, as a traditional child, she is hoping that her children will go and learn about the Kpelleh and the Lofa traditions.

She maintained that so many things are missing in the lives of their children and wants them to go and fully learn about the tradition to have them completed. 

“If our Culture must be built and transformed from one generation to another, the truth of the matter is traditional schools are strategic and I pray it will be part of our agenda”, VP Jewel Howard Taylor asserted.

In a special remark, the Swedish  Ambassador to Liberia Amb. Urban Sjöström noted that FGM has no health benefit in human lives.

The head of the Traditional Council of Liberia,  chief Zanzan Kawor has called on the Anti-Sexual and Gender Base Violence (SGBV) task force to give them the responsibility in serving as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) task force in order to provide full cooperation between the government and the traditional Leaders across the Country. 

Speaking on Monday, February 21, 2022, at the Ministry of Gender during their official launch of Anti-SGBV National call Center, announced their three years of suspension Moratorium of Female Genital Mutilation and the handing over of 18 Motorbikes with four vehicles to the Anti-SGBV taskforce; chief Karwor said,  traditional activities are undemocratic process as only those who are deeply part of them can monitor its.

motorbikes in pictoral

“If you are unable to go into the Zoe bush, how can you monitor the task force to know what is happening there?” the head of the Liberia Traditional Council asked.

We want to set a task force with the person who is inside! inside!!, if you say nothing here the person will go and prove”, he emphasized. 

He warned that the queen’s task force is not needed in the process because they will not get where they should get to for their operations. “if any nontraditional members of the taskforce are arrested or operation hindered by Chiefs Zoe, don’t blame me as I will not be held responsible” he warned.

He suggested that the logistics and the responsibility should be turned over to the traditional leaders to provide adequate and effective results of their agreement. 

Meanwhile, the traditional head appeals to the partners to build training centers across the country to enable its members to participate in waving clothes, planting mats among others as a way to keep them comfortable. 

Chief Zoe, Zanzan Kawor, and Gender Minister, Williametta Saydee-Tarr

During his presentation of their Moratorium to the  Minister of Gender Children and Social Protection, Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr to temporarily suspends the FGM for three years, the Chief Zoe of Liberia encouraged the ministry to report to him any violator for investigation as traditional cases are not justice-related cases.

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey


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