February 22, 2024

Women football to get new Vice President as Cyrus Yeanah resigns

Blanco FC Acting President, Cyrus Yeanah, has resigned from his position as Vice President of women’s football.

Mr. Yeanah told journalists on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, that his resignation is as a result of his current role at the Liberian Football Association as one of the Executive Committee Members.

The sports personality earlier replaced Cllr Joseph Kollie who resigned his position as Executive Committee Member at the Liberia Football Association following his appointment as Labor Court Judge at the Temple of Justice.

The Blanco FC Vice President was elected on a white ballot at the Liberia Football Association Ordinary Congress held in January of this year.

He added that his resignation which took immediate effort as of Monday, March 1, 2022, was in consultation with the leadership and stakeholders of women football across Liberia.

“I can’t hold two positions at this stage when other qualified people are available to handle some of the positions. Again, I want to focus on my re-election come April LFA general elections, Mr. Yeanah added”.

Meanwhile, Women Football President, Madam Doris Bedell will have to work with the leadership and Stakeholders of women’s football across the country to ensure another Vice President is brought on board.

Madam Bedell is also the President of Ambassadors FC Liberia Chapter.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba

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