February 28, 2024

LKF name Segal National Kickball League

The Liberia Kickball Federation has named it 2022 national league season as Segal National Kickball league.

The pronouncement was made on Saturday, March 5, 2022, during the federation awards ceremony held at the SKD Sports Complex Gymnasium in Paynesville by the President of the Liberia National Kickball Federation, Emmanuel Surprise Whea.

According to Mr. Whea, the Chief Executive Officer of Security Expect Guard Service, Momo Cyrus, has been doing extremely well for the development of kickball in the country; something according to him worth recognition.

The Liberia Kickball Federation President’s comments come based on the Segal boss pledged of 500, 000LRD to the Liberia National Kickball Federation for the 2022 league season.

Mr. Cyrus acknowledged that Segal as a private security Institution owned by a Liberian has a social corporate responsibility in one of its clauses to support young people in such a direction.

SEGAL CEO, Momo Cyrus

He indicated that a pledge of 500, 000LRD will be paid in two phases in the period of six months of the Liberia National Kickball league season.

“The first payment will be done in the first three months of the league, while the second payment will be made possible in the final three months”.

” Each of the payments will be 50% which is equivalent to 250,000LRD. Again, I and my family will give 500 hundred United States dollars to the Liberia Kickball Federation as to our way of helping the development of kickball, Mr. Cyrus promised”.

The Lofa County Sports Steering Committee Chairman also promised to give 20 sets of Jerseys to the 20 participating teams of the Liberia Kickball league.

According to him, he was impressed to have heard that the 2022 league season is named after his Institution, Security Expect Guard Service ( Segal).

” Segal will provide twenty (20) sets of Jerseys to the 20 participating teams because the league is named after us, “Segal National Kickball league, Mr. Cyrus noted”. The total amount to be given is LRD$ 1 Million

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