December 8, 2023

Please lift up the suspension, Minister Quamie to LKF

The Deputy Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie has encouraged LKF put an end to the long conflict with in the federation.

Deputy Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie is appealing to the leadership of the Liberia Kickball Federation to forgive all suspended clubs who have previously been denied participation and allow them register for the 2022 league season.

According to him, kickball is a sacrifice sport that is not giving back anything in terms of cash reward like football, and as such, the leadership of the federation should see reason and reconsider their decision.

Deputy Minister Quamie was speaking on Saturday, March 6, 2022, when the Liberia Kickball Federation held it’s awards ceremony at the SKD Sports Complex Gymnasium in Paynesville City.

It can be recalled, on September 19, 2021, God’s Anointed Kickball club was banned for one season from participating in the LKF league while ten of it’s players were also suspended for two seasons from playing in the league for what the federation referred to as disorderly conduct during league matches.

Supreme Girls player, Ceeta Savice was also suspended for six months over what the federation called incitement of violence.
The suspension even denied the players and some coaches from participating in the 2021/ 2022 National County Sports meet.

But, Minister Quamie said despite the nature of the issues, he wants the federation to pardon them at this moment having served several months of their suspension.

” We have been discussing behind the scene but I have decided to bring it to the public today”.
” You all are making sacrifice for this sport. Though football is not making lot of money in our country but at time, you have hope of selling a player to get reward, but the case of kickball is different, Minister Quamie explained”.
” Mr. President Emmanuel Surprise Whea, like I said earlier, please allow whatever clubs that have been denied registration to have them form part of this league, he added”.

Reported by Sports Director: Sylvester Tamba


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