December 6, 2023

President Weah Visits scorched Hospital in Bassa.

After suffering from three major fire outbreaks, the government led by President Weah on Monday pledged to replace the scorched Grand Bassa Government Referral Hospital with a new one.

The hospital is the biggest in the county hosting nearer counties. Speaking to doctors and staff at the hospital, President Weah informed his people, he was forced to visit them due to the manner in which the story of the incident was trending, and he knows how expensive his citizens’ lives are. The Liberian Leader praised God that nothing happed to the patients at the hospital, noting that fire is very dangerous. “The fire incident signaled the need to modernize the electrical installations and stressed in old government facilities”, President alarmed.

President and health practitioners

Mr. Weah promised to restore immediately most needful materials and supplies, including pipe bond water, poly tank, electricity amongst others instructing the various sectors to work within 24 hours. He also provided assorted food to the hospital. He promised to meet with his as to how they can get a better hospital facility for the county and its surrounding.

some food items for the hospital

The Liberian Leader thanked the people of Grand Bassa for their level of support to the hospital during the fire incident, something which he described as patriotism.

The Building that got on fire

Speaking to a team of reporters, the Medical Director of the Government Hospital, Dr. Moses Wheigar said the hospital was established since 1946 and since then, there has been no rewiring or renovation at the facility. He named several surgical equipment, including mattresses, beds, laundry materials, and drugs were all destroyed as a result of the fire. Dr. Wheigar explained that the kitchen, laundry, and store including the water system and electrical system were badly damaged and nonfunctional as of the President’s visit.

Inside the building

According to Dr. Wheigar, the latest fire incident was the second in recent years to affect the facility. He disclosed that patients are currently being transferred to Monrovia because the Operation Room is not operational due the impact of the fire.

Reports231 visit to the site gather that the main medical building did not burn but the kitchen, laundry, and storeroom were affected due to the fire outbreak.

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