March 24, 2023

GUILT BY ASSOCIATION-Liberia history has to be rewritten

Lacking proper research has caused several errors in Liberian History.

A Group of Liberian students is calling on Historians to come under one umbrella and write a comprehensive history on Liberia to stop the contradiction in telling the Nation’s History.

Speaking on Dr. C Patrick Burrows two days symposium at Kpatawee waterfall in Bong County over the weekend on Liberia History from 1822-1885, its challenges from 1886 upward, and Commonalities, A graduate school student from the University of Liberia, Ms.Tenneh Suah urged Mr. Burrows to join other Liberia Historians to comprehend the Nation’s history under a single version that will cover everything, how Liberia came in being and where she is currently.

“We need a comprehensive version of our history to be taught in all academic institutions that will carry a single message from one generation to another”, madam Tenneh Sauh emphasized.

According to Dr. Burrows, the Liberia Historians have taken all the meat of the days and given them bones to chew. “Now we must extend our history and include other parts”.

Dr. Burrows

He said people have disregarded the History and historical sites such as naming the then Bushrod Island, King Tarwel Peter’s grave which is located around Logan Town, to that of King Zulu Duma.

Dr. Burrows maintained that King Duma never control the Bushrod Island throughout his loyalty, but was based in the Gola forest and was involved in high slave trading with the slave traders.

He noted, before the arrival of the free slave to Liberia, the Nation was equipped with resources to get richer. “The first group of people called Dei settled alone the cost was making salt by boiling the Ocean and Madagascar Spices or Country pepper was highly processed by Liberia mainly in River Cess and others territorial border.

He clarified that the salt from Bopolu made out of Ocean was going to Mali, while the Madagascar Spices and liberal Coffee wonly grown in Liberia was sent across Europe. “the Emperor of Mali Empire sent huge Contingent in 1200AD to fine the salt and those who came are the Ancestor of the Vai tribe in Liberia”, Dr. Bowwows said.

He debunks the history which tells that the settlers arrived in Liberia by 1822, and said they arrived in December 1921.

Dr. Burrows has also declared that the major wound in Liberian History was when the Government officials during 1920 upwards used the Frontier Force to arrest Mempowers and send them to Fanadopo, Firestone, and the Southeastern part of the Country for Labor.

Naming many significant of Liberia history, he mentioned that the first African to graduate from Howard University was a Liberian called Wolo.

He however challenges the historians to prove that Liberia was built on Christian policies. According to him, Muslims were here must especially the Madingo before the arrival of the freed slaves but not as many as now.

He acknowledged, the declarations of Liberia founding in the Church was by Coincidence, as
Providence Baptist Church was the most decent building not even to be compared to Government buildings by then.

Dr. Burrows, however, donated history books, ” BETWEEN THE GOLA FOREST & SALTY SEA” to the students of Sekou Ibrahim Sheriff Elementary, Junior and Senior High school in Monrovia who participated in their two days symposium on Liberia History from 1822-1885, its challenges from 1886 upward and Commonalities.

In special remarks; the European Union Programme Officer on Private Sector Development, Mr. Ramon Vivanco said, the integrated history of Liberia should be the most focal point in the mainstream of the Nation’s education system.

He maintained that European Union is willing to work tirelessly to support the Nation’s development in all capacities and by making sure all is well.

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey

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