December 6, 2023

In West Point: Fishmongers cry for help

Fishmongers in the township of West Point are calling on the National government to clean the Du-river and allow the free flow of fishing activities along the river.

The fishmonger told our reporter that when the Du- river is well cleaned, fishermen will have easy access to catch more fish for sale.

One of the fishmongers commonly known as Eval said fishmongers are experiencing difficulties with getting fish from the Du- river as a result of the stockpile of dirt within the river.

She termed the situation as an impediment for fishmongers who are engaged with fishing activities along the Du- river in the West Point community.

The fishmonger, who boasted of engaging in fishing activities for more than twenty years, said the fish business is her source of income which is used to send her children to school.

The Du River is a creek in Liberia, Montserrado County. The terrain elevation above sea level is estimated to be 13 meters.

Reported by: Kabina Kabah


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