December 6, 2023

Liberian Businesswoman Kpukuyou-Brown Pays Homage to Women, Girls in Society

-Observes Int’l Women with gratitude to Liberian women, girls

A prominent Liberian Business Woman and Executive Director of the African Youth and Women Empowerment Initiative, based in the United States of America, has paid special recognition to women and new mothers who continue to raise the bars despite the daily Competing challenges they are faced with.

Madam Leelai Kpukuyou-Brown made the remarks in observance of this year’s International Women’s Day held under the theme: “Gender Equality today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

“As we celebrate International Women’s day, women all around the world continue to strive to serve as pillars for their families, communities and the society at large,” Madam Leelai Kpukuyou-Brown said.

Madam Leelai Kpukuyou-Brown, in her Woman’s Day message, lauded women and new mothers who are doing remarkably well in striving to serve as pillars for their families, communities and the society at large.

Mrs. Brown said despite the challenges Liberian women have gone through over the years during the pandemic; they continue to take up space in various capacities.

She said being a daughter of an old woman, she would like to recognize the role of a Liberian woman and particularly disadvantage Liberian women for their role played in society.

“Being a new mother myself, I like to pay homage to new mothers around the world who continue to strive to make a means despite the competing challenges. A rural Liberian woman is that woman who is strong, complete and goes out of her way to execute the toughest of tasks just to keep her children in school,” Madam Kpukuyou-Brown said.

According to her, rural women and disadvantaged Community Women in particular are strong, resilient, courageous and passionate about doing all they can to productively contribute to the social and economic landscape of Liberia.

She said an average old Liberian woman accounts for over 55 percent of Liberia substantive farming and competes with her male counterparts particularly in the area of rice farming and vegetable gardening making.

“With these inherent qualities, and amidst all of these strives, rural Liberian still goes on unnoticed. Her potential and energy and strength is yet to be unrecognized. Her dream and passion and vigor are yet to be supported,” Mrs. Kpukuyou-Brown said

Mrs. Kpukuyou-Brown stressed the need to empower the rural and slum community Liberian Women, and provide opportunities to help them discover her full potential.

She affirmed her organization’s commitment to change the narrative of women in the Country.

Madam Kpukuyou-Brown said “That can be done through implementing capacity building programs, through entrepreneurship, mentorship and psychosocial counseling.”

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