April 2, 2023

Montserrado District #4 lack better education, Momo Kamara alarm!

A Permanent Resident of District# 4 Montserrado County Momo Kamara has vowed to provide education for ongoing school children in the district.

Mr. Kamara said, to have a better society and Nation development, there is a need for young people to be empowered through education.

He attributed the lack of a better education system in District #4 is the major challenge that needs to be given proper attention by stakeholders.

Speaking to Reports231 on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, in Monrovia, Momo Kamara who has conceded two defeats in the District to Representative Rustolyn Dennis encouraged Liberians to shine their eyes come 2023 general elections.

“My office is working closely with the residents of District #4 for Youth empowerment. Let me warn you the first-time voters to not be used by politicians to make the wrong decisions that will affect the next generation of the country”, he alarmed.

Reporter: Darius Karnga
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