December 6, 2023

CDC gov’t officials accuse of sexually harassing girls and women

A member of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has accused senior officials of the government of sexually harassing women and girls who seek help from them.

Karishma Pelham Raad, in a Facebook post, alleged that some senior officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change Government usually demand sex from women and girls in exchange for help or favor.

She claimed that on many occasions, officials of the Government have requested to sleep with her before lending her help, a request which she has repeatedly rejected.

“Never a day a government official in this Government has helped me when I went running to them for help. Most of them want to sleep with you before they can help you,” Raad asserted.

“I rejected and never gave in many times and some of them will lie to you over and over without helping. They always want to abuse women and girls before they can help, sad,” she narrated.

Her Facebook post was in reaction to what she described as some big hands in government trying to blackmail her and lie to the public that her Cars were bought by government officials.

This is not the first time officials of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Government have been accused of sexually harassing women and girls who come in search of help.

Karishma Pelham Raad post

In 2019, the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Mulbah Morlu, in a leaked audio revealed some startling and embarrassing revelations about President George Weah and other officials of the government.

Mulbah Morlu was heard in the leaked audio recording that went viral on social media accusing his own standard Bearer, President George Weah of allegedly requesting sex from females before appointing them in his government.

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu

He also mentioned that other senior officials of government are also involved in the alleged act.

These allegations were never denied by the Liberian Government but Chairman Morlu later termed his accusation as a liquor talk.

In September 2020, Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kamaya who served as Liberia’s Special Representative to the United Nationals was accused of sexual harassment by a Liberia Staff of the Mission in New York, immediately after he was nominated as Foreign Minister. He denied the allegations and was later confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

Amb. Dee-Maxwell Kamayah, Liberia Foreign Affairs Minister

 Recently, a complaint of alleged illegal sexual assault was filed against another Government official, Montserrado County Regional Commander, Joshua During by a female police officer.

Police Commander Joshua During

The Police said its investigation exonerated the Commander but Liberia’s Independent National Commission on Human Rights called for an independent investigation following the police investigation.

Also Last year, a group of women also petition the government to put in place measures aimed at preventing harassment and sexual abuse against women at various ministries and agencies of government.

The Administration of President George Weah has failed to comment on these allegations or announce measures to address them.

Amid these accusations of sexual harassment hanging upon officials of government, critics say the Government is unprepared to address the tons of sexual harassment cases from across the country that arrives at the desks of these same government officials.

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