March 29, 2023

NAREMOL wants MOJ publish five hundred beneficiaries of President Weah’s executive clemency

A newly established political pressure group, the National Revolutionary Movement of Liberia is calling on the Ministry of Justice to publicly release the listen of the five hundred prisoners that are to benefit from President Weah’s Executive clemency.

NAREMOL expressed the need for the Ministry of Justice to publish the names of the expected five hundred prisoners in Major Newspapers, websites, radio. The group noted that said documents should contain cardinal information like various prison terms and crimes committed.

According to the group, the publication of the inmates in various newspapers, websites, and other documents will ensure transparency within the security sector and help put the poverty-stricken, population of Liberia in a better position to understand the actual intent of the President’s executive clemency.

Meanwhile, the National Revolutionary Movement through its chairman Siafa Kanneh said if the Ministry of Justice refuses to release the names of prisoners that are expected to benefit from the President’s clemency, the group will rally ordinary citizens against the process in the spirit of demanding transparency.

Reported by: Kabina S. Kabah
Phone number: +231776306617

Whassap: +231776306617

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