February 28, 2024


Sando Jones in alleged sodomizing case

A 42-year-old man identified as Sando Jones, resident of Kpelleh Town, Fiamah community is said to be facing a police probe for alleged Sexual Abuse. Suspect Sando was arrested on March 10, 2022, based on a tip-off received by the Police on his alleged involvement in sodomizing a 6-year-old boy of the same address on the 9th of March 2022.

On March 14, 2022, a 14-year-old boy of the Kpelleh Town, Fiamah community also alleged that suspect Sando Jones sexually abused/Sodomized him three different times but was afraid to reveal the information because he was living with him going to school.

Based on the said allegation, the victim was referred to the Hope for Women SGBV ONE-STOP CENTER for medical examination.

 investigation continues.

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